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A black and white goat with long ears, looking at the camera.



Name: Goat Trails Pencie Ruth
DOB: 5/16/2022
Sex: Female
Breed: Mini Nubian (59.49% Nubian, 40.51% Nigerian)


Goat Trails Pencie Ruth Goat Trails Winston’s Blue Diamond *B Goat Trails Glory’s Legacy Winston *B Hurlbut Farms KC Savor the Glory *B Green Gables SOF King Camo *B
Green Gables Beaming Jolene 3*P
Sonflower Ranch’s Naomi *P Soaring Heart’s Gilles
Sonflower Ranch’s El Dora
Goat Trails Ellie Mae Blue 2*P Goat Trails LF Hearts Delight Cupid *B Laz E Acre’s Finley B
Sonflower Ranch’s Faith *P
AutumnWood’s Easter Lily *P Echo Hill’s Ruby’s Bootlegger
AlyMar Ebony Marie
Red Barn Whispering Hazelwood Green Gables RB Remember the Brave *B Green Gables Remember the Battle *B VCH Echo Hill’s DO Goldstone B
Green Gables Cali Luna 4*P
Green Gables SOF Banana Muffin 3*P VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom *B
Green Gables USG Monte Cristo 2*P
Blessed Fields Ginger Red *P Blessed Fields Ezekiel Spots Blessed Fields Samson
WCDS Rayban’s Aunt Jill
Blessed Fields Silver Bell Blessed Fields Samson
KJ-Farm RMG Pralines N Cream
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