What are Mini Nubian Goats?

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Mini Nubian goats are a the result of breeding a male Nigerian Dwarf goat to a female Nubian goat, and of course breeding two Mini Nubians together as well.

These goats are a mid-size goat, being a larger than the Nigerian and smaller than the Nubian. Does should be no larger than 29″ tall with bucks no more than 31″. They retain the characteristics of a full-size Nubian– including the lovely long ears (pendulous ears being preferred,  but some animals have adorable “airplane ears”). They also come in a variety of colors and patterns; they may have brown or blue eyes. Their coats are short and smooth, and easy to care for.

Being a dairy goat, Mini Nubians produce lovely tasting milk with a high butterfat percentage. They can be easier to milk than the smaller Nigerians, as the Mini Nubians have larger teats and their longer legs make for more room to work. They also are very efficient at converting their feed to milk.

Last but certainly not least, Mini Nubians have wonderful personalities! Being goats, they all have their stubborn moments, but overall we find them gentle and easy to handle, even for small children.